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We used to spread walnut from Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe, before we appreciated the unique advantages of the Ukrainian walnut. Nowadays RW IMPEX is the number one exporter of the Ukrainian walnut all around the world. Thus we hope, that our customers will also enjoy this new taste of the nut.

We do our best to create the ideal nut without any shortcomings. Our professionals take care about the product on the field as well as at the plant. Modern facility, hardworking workers, adherence with all standards - that's all we need to do the production you'll enjoy.

There's 25 years of exporting experience behind our backs: we provide walnuts from Ukraine to Iraq, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE. Our every product has it’s own set of documents that is necessary while exporting.



We constantly follow up all stages of the production process in order not to omit any important trifle. Here is the list of the operations and the short description each of them:

Every smart modern company should be environmentally friendly. So, we grow our nuts in the ecologically clean region in Vinnytsia region without use of any dangerous pesticides.

We won't let any unsuitable nut go to the table. On the contrary, there's a severe selection.

Walnuts selection consists of several stages:

- washing the nuts to get rid of unneeded dust and garbage
- extraction of abnormal ones

Exceptionally contemporary facilities at the plants of walnut export allows not only take away the mud but also size them

Vacuum packaging conforms to all international standards


RW IMPEX takes care of every walnut tree that grows in our gardens. That's all nuts are so delicious.
Skillful agronomists and experienced scientists have discovered their own methods of successful protection from pests and ways of gathering in the best crops.
Evidently, all the procedures engage exclusively secure and green attendance.