Providing Ukrainian agricultural products to the World
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The RW IMPEX has been breeding export poultry since 2003. Our company adhere to the European standards of the domestic fowl manufacturing. The producing complex includes three extensive comfortable farms, where chicken broilers are grown, the incubator, where the eggs with prospective fledglings are preserved, the feeding system, the chicken meat processing department, rendering department and three modern exploratory labs.

Our provident professional workers thoroughly look after the quality of birds’ dietary and maintenance conditions. Thus, all the chickens obtain exceptionally clean artesian water and nutritious chemicals-free ration. As a result, we can guarantee the delicious flavor of the production.


Only the best. We are responsible for our frozen chicken meat because of one reason: all the birds have sufficiently large cages with enough place for comfortable living. Obviously, they get exclusively best food for fledged development.



Our export chicken meat is manufactured according to the highest standards of the European Union. It's immediately freezed after being butchered with special refrigeratory technology in order to maintain quality and freshness.